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How to Make the Most of Your Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch Ovens can be scary to a lot of people, but truth is, they can be exciting and pretty straightforward to make fantastic meals with. They can offer you delicious meals at camp, not to mention they’re quite easy to use and clean.

Below are tips for some great Dutch Oven cooking to impress your camping buddies:

1. Season before cooking.

Among the most essential steps is providing the right care. If you cook with your Dutch oven for the first time, make sure you season it or clean up will be nasty. Cover the inside with vegetable oil and bake for around an hour at the recommended temp of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Checking the temperature can be as simple as dropping a drip of water, and if it jumps around, that means it’s good enough. Then turn the oven off after an hour and leave to cool – you’re all set to cook! The process keeps food from sticking and enhances flavor.

2. Cleaning must be easy.

Having seasoned your Dutch oven correctly, one quick wipe out using a paper towel or sponge is often enough. If you must to scrub hard and use soap for some reason, you will have to re-season the Dutch oven. If you intend to use your Dutch oven repeatedly, always have a scrub sponge and oil in handy.

3. Be aware of your cooking timeline.

You have to start a campfire around 30 minutes before dinner. Take note that Dutch oven meals will probably take about an hour to cook. So begin start the process at least two hours before dusk so you don’t have to do the clean up when it’s dark.

4. Coals do the cooking, not the flames.

Coal is the one that cooks your food, not the logs on fire! As soon as your coals are all set in the main fire pit, you can get some and put it into your Dutch oven pit. Save a little for the top of the oven so that the meal is cooked from above and below. Be patient and avoid opening the lid repeatedly to stop the heat from escaping, thus stalling the cooking process.

4. The potential for meals is unlimited.

Oh, the choice you have with this method of cooking – from breakfasts to dinners, including desserts! It’s relatively easy, regardless of what you cook, and managing the cooking time is your only concern. You won’t go wrong, with or without a strict recipe – simply toss in whatever you think will go together, cover with the lid, and leave to cook for around an hour.

From pot roast and potatoes or pizza to chili to chicken and dumplings and more, your Dutch oven will deliver! With practice and confidence, you will ace it!

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