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Is Drinking Loose Leaf Tea Healthy? All over the world people enjoy drinking tea. It is not only for the health benefits that people drink tea but also because it comes in different wonderful flavors. The teabag and the loose leaf tea are the types of teas that tea lovers drink. Today a lot more people are more familiar with tea in a teabag but actually drinking loose leaf tea brings more benefits. Next time you plan to buy tea, consider buying loose leaf tea. Here are the benefits you get from drinking loose leaf tea. Drinking tea is a healthy activity. Drinking loose leaf tea, however, is much healthier than drinking tea in a tea bag. When a tea leaf is torn it loses some of its power antioxidants and other healthy properties which does not happen when you drink loose leaf tea. So you get all more antioxidants and health properties drinking loose leaf tea than tea in a teabag because it is torn to pieces. You will definitely be drinking a healthier cup with loose leaf tea. If you compare the flavor of aroma of the two kinds of tea, you will find the loose leaf tea much better in these terms than the tea bag tea. This is because the untorn loose leaf tea retains its natural oils which lets out its wonderful aroma and flavor and not like the tea in tea bags which are crushed. Loose leaf teas also taste fresher and cleaner than those in tea bags which are bitter, old, stale leaves. If you are looking for better tasting tea with great aroma then better switch to drinking loose leaf tea. When it comes to comparing the flavor and aroma of the two teas, people who have tried them will say that loose leaf tea far outweighs the tea bag tea in this category.
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There are many flavors when it comes to loose leaf teas. When you buy bagged tea, you are only limited to the options you have in the supermarket shelves. IF you think that there are many flavors available in the supermarket, you can get all the flavors and soon realize that you can go through them quickly. However, with loose leaf tea you will really have more flavor options because the many cultures around the world usually make loose leaf tea. You can get new flavors of loose leaf tea from different countries. If you are able to get hold of loose leaf tea from different places, it would be an exciting experience tasting all of them.
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There are many more benefits that loose leaf tea can provide; but these 3 benefits mentioned above are the reasons why a lot of people today are switching to loose leaf tea. There are no regrets if you switch to drinking loose leaf tea.