Food Safety Tips You Can Do at Home to Minimize the Risk of Food Poisoning


Food Preparation Safety


Always refrigerate perishable food within 2 hours.

Refrigerate within 1 hour when the temperature is above 90F.

At home, place meat, poultry, and seafood in the refrigerator immediately.

Freeze poultry and ground meat that won’t be used in 1 or 2 days; freeze other meat within 4 to 5 days.

Defrost Safely

Completely defrost meat and poultry before grilling so it cooks more evenly.

Use the refrigerator for slow, safe thawing or thaw sealed packages in cold water.

You can microwave to defrost if the food will be placed immediately on the grill.

Safe Food Preparation

To prevent food borne illness, don’t use the same platter and utensils for raw and cooked meat and poultry. Harmful bacteria present in raw meat and poultry and their juices can contaminate safely cooked food.

Only use knives and cutting utensils for one thing, either for meat or for vegetables. Thereafter, the utensils should be thoroughly washed.

NEVER place the grilled meat back on the dish or board on which the raw meat was placed, as this has blood and juices from the raw meat.

NEVER use knives or dishes that have been used for the raw meat for the grilled meat, too.

Clean all counters and cooking surfaces, with hot soapy water before use.

Clean all cutting boards with hot soapy water before use.

Avoid using the same plate for raw and cooked food.

Marinade in the refrigerator and discard the marinade immediately after use.

Use a separate brush one for marinating and another for basting cooked meat.


Marinate food in the refrigerator, not on the counter.

Discard the marinade immediately after use.

If some of the marinade is to be used as a sauce on the cooked food, reserve a portion of the marinade before putting raw meat and poultry in it. However, if the marinade used on raw meat or poultry is to be reused, make sure to let it come to a boil first to destroy any harmful bacteria.

Safe Food Handling

Keep all raw and cooked food separate and keep it “wrapped and refrigerated”.

Use separate BBQ utensils when handling raw and cooked food.

Make sure frozen meat is thoroughly thawed (unless otherwise stated) before cooking and do not refreeze once thawed.

Safe Cooking

Cook thoroughly. Cook food to a safe minimum internal temperature to destroy harmful bacteria. The only way to be sure foods are cooked to a high enough temperature to kill harmful bacteria is to use an accurate digital instant-read thermometer. Thermometer use to ensure proper cooking temperature is especially important for those who cook or serve ground beef patties to people most at risk for food borne. Those most at risk include young children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

Unless you are in a big hurry or you like for your meat to be dry, do not press on it. You will just be squeezing out all those wonderful juices. Additionally, squeezing the juices on the coals …

Food Processor Safety Tips


A food processor is an electrical appliance that operates with fast moving and sharp blades and discs. Like other electrical equipment, a food processor should always be handled with care. Follow these safety tips to protect you and your family from misuse and harm.

  • The appliance’s blades and discs operate and move at high speeds. Make sure your hands and kitchen utensils, like spatulas or wooden spoons, are kept away from the moving blades and discs when processing food. Only insert your hands or kitchen utensils into the food processor after the machine is off and unplugged.
  • As stated, the blades and discs are very sharp and should be handled and stored carefully. When connecting the motor shaft or stem to the processing unit, always place the blades and discs on flat, stable surfaces to minimize potential contact with them.
  • Make sure the work bowl is securely locked before placing blades or discs on the motor shaft.
  • Never put food or other ingredients into the work bowl until the blades and discs are securely in place.
  • Always use the pusher or food plunger to move food into the bowl and into the spinning blades or discs. Never put your fingers into the feed tube or work bowl while it is in operation.
  • Make sure the blade or disc has stopped spinning before you remove the cover from the work bowl.
  • Make sure the processor is turned off and unplugged from the electrical outlet before removing food, changing parts or cleaning it.
  • After your food processing is done, first remove the work bowl from the processor’s base before removing any blades or discs.

Hygienic Practices In The Handling And Preparation Of Food

The hygienic handling and preparation of food are of great importance in the prevention of food contamination and food poisoning. In home, it is necessary to handle your food to ensure that food is prepared as hygienically as possible. This can be achieved by following a few basic rules.

1. Personal hygiene

· Before preparing food, tie hair back, wash hands, and scrub nails clean.

· Always wash the hands after visiting the toilet.

· Never cough, sneeze, spit, or smoke over the food.

· Cover up skin infections, cuts, and grazes.

· Wear a clean apron.

· Do not lick fingers or spoons and then touch the food with them.

2. Food purchase

· Buy food from clean, reputable shops, where the assistants handle the food hygienically, and the food is stored properly.

· Check that there are no animals in food shops.

· Check the date stamps on fresh foods.

· Choose fresh foods wisely (see individual foods for factors affecting choice).

· Be wary of fresh foods sold on market stalls – they should be covered to protect them from dust and flies.

3. Food storage at home

· Store fresh foods in a cool place. Use them up fairly rapidly and certainly within the time recommended on the label or pack.

· Use up old stocks of dried and canned foods before new ones.

· Cool left-over foods rapidly and eat within 24 hours.

· Keep food protected from flies, pests, and rodents, by the use muslin cloth, plastic film, or a food net.

4. Kitchen hygiene

· Regularly wash and clean work surfaces, the cooker, and the floor.

· Keep utensils clean and well stored when not in use.

· Wipe up spills as they occur.

· Do not allow pets to sit on work surfaces or to eat from utensils and dishes that will be used for humans; some animals carry viruses and bacteria which can be passed on to humans, especially young children whose resistance is not well developed.

· Rinse out the dishcloth after use and leave to air so that it does not become stagnant. Immerse in diluted bleach or disinfectant regularly.

· Do not use the dishcloth to wash the floor.

· Use very hot water and a good detergent for washing dishes, so that all food traces are removed. Nylon brushes are useful for washing intricate pieces of equipment, e.g. cheese graters, bottle necks.

· Sterilize infant feeding bottles carefully.

· Make sure that frozen poultry pork, cream, and fish are completely thawed before cooking, and then thoroughly cooked to destroy salmonella bacteria which may be present. Incomplete thawing and cooking will provide a suitable temperature for the growth and multiplication of such bacteria, and lead to food poisoning.

Waste disposal

· I Keep dustbins well away from the kitchen, in a cool, shaded position. Protect from flies, cats, and vermin by ensuring that food wastes are wrapped and the lid fits tightly.

· Disinfect the dustbin regularly, especially …

Remote Meat Thermometer – Three High Standard Remote Meat Thermometers Worth Buying

Are you looking for a remote meat thermometer if you have no idea which product to purchase? If so, this article is perfect for you. Cooking thermometers eliminate all the guesswork in cooking, smoking and grilling pork, chicken, beef or lamb. They are designed to help avoid overcooking your chicken, veal, pork or beef. They also offer you the opportunity to do other household chores while the meat is cooking. Three of the well-known thermometers in this decade are:

Maverick RediChek Wireless Smoker Thermometers

This device is specifically intended for taking the temperature of the fish, chicken, beef or pork while they are being smoked. They really come in handy as smoking products can be a timely process. In fact, smoking meat may take days. The RediChek monitors the temperature of air and inside the food. It can send a signal to its transmitter for up to 100 feet away. The device sets off an alarm if the temperature fluctuates. Since it is wireless, it can be inserted easily.

Oregon Scientific AW129 Wireless BBQ Device with Probe

The AW129 device is integrated with digital LCD screen for fast and convenient reading. It helps identify the temperature of the meat at the same time determine the readiness of it. It can read temperature as low as – 32 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The device can be used to measure the heat of a beef, lamb, veal, pork, turkey, chicken and so on. It can indicate whether these food products are rare, medium rare, medium and well done.

Grill Alert Talking Thermometers

It can be very handy if the device can talk. It can also be very entertaining and enjoyable. This remote meat thermometer provides you the freedom to enjoy and relax while barbequing. To measure the temperature, the probe of the gadget needs to be inserted into the food. You have the option to select wherever the meat should be rare, medium rare, medium cooked or well done. A voice will alert you if the meat is almost ready or ready. …

Chrome Dining Chairs Best for Your Home and for Your Business

Chrome dining chairs are very popular in the market nowdays. These can be found in restaurants, fast foods, other food outlets and even in residential places. Many people discovered the beauty of using dining chairs that are made from chrome material. Chrome made dining chairs is very durable and can blend with different stylish designs from the simplest style to the highest elegant designs. To add to its beauty are highly crafted tables and other furniture at home and even in restaurants and other establishments.

Chrome dining chairs have different designs. Normally, chairs are made of soft leather seat and back supported with chrome legs. There are designs that give so much elegance especially those with high back and with arms. The arms may either be made from chrome alone or padded with foam with leather cover. There are some designs on the other hand that are so simple and conventional. These are typically made of steel plated with chrome which shows simplicity and classic timeless touch. There are also some retro designs that come with black vinyl seat with white strip and back support. Another design available in other shops is crisscross wire design which is completely made from chrome from the seat up to the leg support. You may opt to get a cushion or a seat pad for more comfortable use. Chairs elegantly designed are also available which are usually positioned to houses of prominent people or in establishments serving customers with high budget. Elegant designs invite an ambiance spirit.

When you surf the internet you can find many shops offering chrome dining chairs. Different designs of course come with different price ranges. You may have the option to buy chrome dining chairs by piece or pair, but some offer them in package with a table. If you are planning to get one for a restaurant, there are suppliers available that sell in bulk. Most the minimum order ranges from thirty to fifty pieces. As anyone knows, in buying some thing for your own use or for a business, everyone should have a sound decision to make the invested money worthwhile. So be very careful and go into details when you decide to buy some chairs for you. Ensure that you know the full details from designs, to prices, to delivery and shipments and even on after sales services. …

Using Paper Cups for Hot Drinks

A common question we frequently get asked which cups we would recommend to our customers; this is a tricky question as it depends on the heat of drink you intend to use. We stock a wide range of items from single-wall plain paper cups, to our latest triple wall ‘Ultimate’ hot cups. The primary difference is the insulating properties of the specific cup type.

Our Plain White or Mocha Single wall hot cups are perfect for warm drinks; however piping hot coffee would perhaps be rather uncomfortable to hold without the use of a cup sleeve (available separately). Due to their single-wall construction there is no additional layer to insulate the heat of the beverage.

Double wall and hot ripple cups are specifically designed to withstand much high tempuratures, the dual layers work in a similar way to a thermos flask; trapping air and isolating the customer’s hand from hot drinks. In addition to this, the extra cup strength is ideally suited to ‘coffee on the go’.

With different high street coffee chains and drinks providers favouring different disposable cup materials, it is interesting to find out which is the most effective insulator. Perhaps the most appropriate way to discuss the insulating properties of a paper cup is to compare it with another frequently used takeaway cups, such as the common expanded polystyrene type. This can be done by carrying out a simple test to show whether the polystyrene or paper version kept the liquid it contained hotter for the greatest length of time.

Paper cups vs Polystyrene cups

The heat retention test involves putting 200 ml of very hot water into a polystyrene cup and the same amount into a paper hot drink cup to find out which is the better insulator. For a wider comparison, you could also introduce a plastic cup into the equation to reveal how its insulation properties measure up. We all know each of these hot cups will provide a specific level of insulation, but this test will help show which is the best way to keep liquids warm.

How to Test the temperature

You can use a thermometer to test the temperature of the liquid. Taking a temperature reading every minute for at least ten minutes, then again around 20 minutes and 30 minutes, will help to show whether the paper cup is indeed the best insulator. You can record these readings as a graph if you wish to make the results clearer.

Heat retention

In an extremely similar test, cup and food container specialist Contexpan discovered that the liquid in both cups dropped in temperature very fast during the first five minutes, from around 100 degrees centigrade to around 90 degrees. However, at this point, the liquid in the polystyrene cup cooled at a slightly slower rate than the paper version, remaining at around 80 degrees after 25 minutes compared with the liquid in the paper cup, which had dropped to around 70 degrees.

The results

The findings suggest that the polystyrene …

Baby's First Foods Make a Huge Difference for Health in Later Years

Children are not simply mature adults. Their digestive systems are immature on a physical and functional level. Digestion and diet is extremely important when it comes to preventing and treating disease in children. Unfortunately, the food industry has spent millions upon millions to convince moms that convenience is the most important piece of food selection. But if you think about it, staying up all night with a child who has an ear infection or a fever is not all that convenient. Maybe it's time to rethink the way we feed our kids.

After studying many psychiatric theories, I've come to the conclusion that Chinese diet theory makes the most sense of any approach to healthy eating. Chinese medicine has been utilized for thousands of years and has much to teach us about feeding our kids.

Prevention is key to our health and well being. It is so much easier to stay well than it is to get well once we've become sick. The Chinese have a saying that treating a disease is like digging a well after you've become thirsty. We might think of it closing the barn door after the horse has run off! Consider this approach with feeding your children. We've all heard lots about the skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity, food allergies, asthma, behavior problems and many other disorders. What can we do on a daily basis to make sure our children will not have to suffer from these problems?

Here are some pointers from the wisdom of Chinese medicine that will help to make sure your baby / toddler gets off to a good start.

Introducing solids

Your baby's first foods are essential and will determine the health of your baby for the next couple of years.

Here are some common mistakes parents make when starting solids:

  • Do not start too early- make sure your baby is ready. There is no advantage to pushing solids earlier, there is no proof that your child will sleep through the night if you start solids early- its simply not true. Introducing solids too early may cause food allergies, digestive problems and a host of other issues.
  • Do not introduce too many different foods too quickly. Take at least one week for each food. PAY ATTENTION! Are your child's poops affected? Signs of indigestion: gas, loose stools, constipation, increased mucus, skin eruptions. Discontinue that food and wait a few weeks or longer before re-introducing it.
  • Do not introducing the wrong foods which foods are the wrong foods? Foods that make the foundation of the Standard American Diet: Baked flour products, cheese, sweets, ice cream, chemicalized processed food products. ! If you introduce these food products too early before the digestive system is ready to handle them, you'll end up with dampness, phlegm, and stagnation. In the digestive tract. According to Chinese medicine, these can result in allergies, skin problems and chronic upper respiratory issues.

Growing children's digestive systems are cold by nature so they need WARM food.

Babies do not …

Hydrogen Peroxide For Dog Bad Breath

As kids, almost everyone had a run-in with hydrogen peroxide. Occasionally, even as adults we still find the need for this antiseptic. But these instances were to clean sores or wounds that we got while playing around. This was done to make sure that we were protected from nasty infections. So it is a bit controversial to hear about our handy antiseptic being used as a breath freshener. But many dog owners are using it exactly to cure their dog’s bad breath problem.

If this trend continues then it is highly possible to see in our local pet store tucked in its shelves a brand name called DOG BAD BREATH HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. But before anyone rushes to the nearest store for this medicine they better study this compound better or ask their vet about it. This way, they are better informed if ever they do seriously consider using hydrogen peroxide as a dog breath home remedy.

First of all, what causes bad breath? Bad breath results when the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in the dog’s mouth grows out of proportion because of poor hygiene. These anaerobic bacteria are normally found in the mouth of most animals, humans and dogs included. It is when dog owners neglect to clean their dog’s mouth regularly that these bacteria become too numerous in the dog’s mouth. This alone should be enough to convince every dog owner to make sure that they regularly brush their dog’s teeth with a pet toothpaste.

Second, how does bad breath develop from these bacteria? It is pretty simple really. The bacteria which have been left alone eat the food particles that accumulate in the dog’s teeth and gums. After this happens, the bacteria will then release compounds that are mainly sulfuric and then will mix with the air and these results in bad breath.

So why do some dog owners use hydrogen peroxide to treat their pet’s foul breath? Most dog owners value this compound to clean their dog’s mouth not because of any wound that they may blame for their dog’s foul breath. Rather, the substance can be valuable in treating bad breath because it adds to the concentration of oxygen in the mouth.

Anaerobic bacteria are unable to survive in an environment that is loaded with oxygen. Since hydrogen peroxide is loaded with oxygen it manages to do away with the excess bacteria in the dog’s mouth. Then the sulfuric compounds responsible for the bad breath also disappear from the dog’s mouth. This results in a fresher breath for the dog.

It is very important though that only hydrogen peroxide with less than 1.5% concentration is used. This is not one instance where a stronger concentration will do the trick. In this case, if a too strong hydrogen peroxide is used then chances are it will destroy the enamel in the teeth, leading to tooth decay.

Are there any side effects? Yes! If overused, it causes vomiting in the dog. While this may not be a cause …

Vacuum Food Savers Types and Uses

Modern lifestyle has become intolerably expensive in numerous ways explaining why people must become savvy. The first thing to do is to figure out how you spend your money at home. You will realize that the kitchen is an expensive area and it does not have to. The reason why you spend more than enough cash in your kitchen is because you throw away food. Groceries prices continue to rise and you can not afford to waste any left offer foods. A food saver is any container with a lid that can be used to store food contents. Examples of a vacuum food saver include:

• Canisters

• Cereal keepers

• Cookie tins

• Glass jars

• Plastic containers with covers

• Plastic bags with zippers and

• Freezer bags

You can see that this type of an item can be improvised at home. In other words you have no excuse for wasting food even if it occurs overnight. There are different types of vacuum food savers in the markets. The most important thing is the vacuum channel and its size. It is what you require to seal the food savers bags.

A crush free seal is another crucible element to keep in mind. Sometimes the food you want to preserve is delicate and the vacuum can easily squeeze the bag excessively. This could damage sensitive foods like cakes. If you pack it well in a vacuum bag, you can easily carry it to any destination without altering its shape.

This environment facilitates food preservation. As the air is driven out, some of the food juices will be squeezed out in the process. Always ask for a warranty when buying the equipment.This will ensure that your saver is serviced in case it breaks down. You should buy vacuum food savers if you want to spend money wisely in your kitchen. …

Food Dehydrator Cookies?

When I first saw this topic I was beginning to think that someone was putting me on. While I do like food, and enjoy cooking, I am in no sense of the word a baker. But, the thought of making cookies in a food dehydrator did not get my attention.

I did look in several of the nationally known cookbooks having sections on baking cookies just to see if any author had the inkling that any of their readers would seek out such an idea. In reality, I began sensing thoughts further back in my brain, knowing that more than likely I would not find a recipe for making cookies in a dehydrator in any of these baking publications.

Occidentally, I have been subjected to a weight loss program by the semi-head of our household, which includes daily starvation, including a type of hi-protein bar to be consumed when the paltry meals, or the diet regimen does not suffice the calling Signs of the stomach. In analyzing the composition of these handy bars it occurs to me that this type of bar-cookie can indeed be made in food dehydrators with similar good food nutrition. In fact, our own food dehydrator would be ideal.

So in the research mode I seek what might be a better cookie concoction than what the store bought bars offer. There were indeed some fine recipes in Food Dehydrator publications that looked fairly simple to assemble, and the ones I tried did come together quite nicely. The intake of the recipes I tried were tasty, light weight, and retained a fair degree of stability if not exposed to high temperatures of the sun.

Now, my imagination kicks in conjunction with creative juices, and I'm thinking before I am done I will have enough tested ideas to write one of those cookbooks myself on the Art of Making Cookies …. In A Food Dehydrator. Perhaps not, but there are creative minds amongst us all, and whatever I come up with, you can match, or surpass my ideas with good ones of your own. That is part of the fun with ideas that are not yet tested. Failures, of course, but you do not have to eat them.

I started with an electric food grinder, and a food juicer. I mixed fruit, and vegetables pureed with honey, evaporated cane syrup, molasses, nuts, rice, barley, wheat, rolled oats, crisped rice, and soy. Sometimes onion, and garlic were added to the mixture. The point is experiment, and you will come up with a tasty cookie or bar that will come to be known in the family, and in the neighborhood.

The times when I appeared to run out of ideas, I summoned in the kids, neighbors, nephews, nieces, and whatever of my friend's kids that were curious enough to want to find out what this weird friend of their parents was up to. Despite the results, although most trials were edible, the fun of sharing was our combined talents regardless …

IcySkyy LLC Introduces Premium Shave Ice Supplies


(Azusa, CA)— IcySkyy LLC announced the introduction of their premium shave ice supplies. The company currently offers everything from flavor concentrates and shave ice toppings to commercial-grade machines, mixing supplies, and even marketing posters for shave ice stores or events. Those who want to take their shave ice business to the next level can visit to shop IcySkyy’s online store and learn more about their high-quality offerings.

One representative of IcySkyy LLC commented “Shave ice has come a long way from the days of Japanese plantation workers cutting blocks with their swords. Still, one thing that hasn’t changed is the love we have for this famous treat. One could say that this business was born out of our passion for making sure that everyone loves shave ice as much as we do, and it is this passion that drives us to provide top-notch products and services to the business owners we serve every day.”

At IcySkyy provides business owners with a one-stop shop for all their shave ice needs. For those just starting out, the company offers high-end machines as well as store fixtures like stainless steel tables and shelves. Business owners looking to keep their operations running smoothly will find all their supplies in one convenient place, including bottles, pumps, cups, spoons, straws, toppings, and of course flavor concentrates. To ensure a smooth shopping experience for business owners, IcySkyy offers deep discounts to first-time customers as well as extending a free shipping offer to anyone placing an order totaling $240 or more.

The representative went on to say, “As business owners ourselves, our team understands how challenging and rewarding it can be to run a company. We know that shave ice business owners want nothing more than to bring joy and happiness to their own customers, and we strive every day to provide products and services that empower them to achieve that goal. At IcySkyy, business owners can always count on a fresh, relevant shopping experience and the same solid commitment to exceeding expectations.”

Visit to get in touch with the IcySkyy team and discover how they can help shave ice business owners bring more happiness to their customers.

About IcySkyy LLC:

IcySkyy was founded on their team’s passion for frozen treats – namely shave ice. They want everyone to enjoy the deliciousness just as much they do, so they only carry the best products, and their exquisite flavors have only the highest quality ingredients. IcySkyy offers premium shave ice supplies featuring amazing flavor concentrates, accessories. The company strives to offer the most competitive prices and the best services for any business owner’s shaved ice needs.…

Cleanliness And Its Benefits

To many people in the modern world, Cleanliness means an outdated concept of duty. They feel the efforts and time spent on cleaning could be used for making money and enjoying the life. It’s an unimportant task that can be got done by paying a paltry sum. Nonetheless, cleanliness brings more benefits compared to the costs involved in its process. People practicing discipline tend to possess this quality; because, it becomes a way of life for them.

Keeping anything in a neat and clean manner at all times and at any place is known as cleanliness. Even in a garbage dumping yard, the workers maintain cleanliness by using the hand gloves, mouth gags and boots. Laziness and carelessness are the two culprits to blame for any dirtiness. A business lost a court case as an important document was not produced supporting its claim for compensation. A student could not attend his exam as he could not trace out the hall ticket in his unkempt bookshelf. Over-possessions end up in carelessness as they require time, memory, and patience of the owner to maintain them properly. A woman did not know she had such a necklace until she found it when searching another jewel. The benefits of cleanliness are numerous and rewarding. The chief advantages are listed here below.

1) Self-confidence grows: Doing all works in a clean manner instills a confidence in the self to handle any task. A person with clean habits has clarity in approach to resolve any issues. Many people follow cleanliness as their success formula. Donning a good look with clean clothes, well-kept hair, and healthy body also gives more self-confidence.

2) Savings accrue: A lot of time, energy, space and resources can be saved by practicing cleanliness. Irregular storage and handling result in wastage of men and matter.

3) Value addition: Apart from the qualification, integrity, and experience, the cleanliness becomes one more asset to such great personalities. Respect and reputation naturally come to them. Clean administration involves transparency and corruption-free methods.

4) Health improves: Cleanliness ensures hygiene in our environment. It prevents from the risk of contracting diseases. Clean power generation from solar and wind energy is a good example. Failure to clear the sewerage lines not only stinks but encourages the breeding of mosquitoes and other pests. Regular cleaning and mopping of floors in the hospitals are done to clear the dust, insects, and germs.

The proverbial sayings, ‘Wash and wear, even if it is rags’ and ‘Always bathe and eat, whatever be the food’ hold good in all places and at all times. They emphasize the need for cleanliness in our life. Replacing any object in its original place also amounts to cleanliness. Else, shabbiness and chaos will prevail as we need to waste time, energy, and money in searching for, or procuring the same object. Thirukkural, the Tamil classic poetry, proclaims, ‘Our body is kept clean with water whilst the mind gets pure through practice of truth.’…